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Christina Tynan-Wood

I have been covering technology since before Bill met Melinda and you met Google. I currently write the Family Tech column in Family Circle magazine and Family Tech with Christina at But I also write about education, parenting, and many other topics for many other publications. Clients include Better Homes and Gardens, Popular Science, This Old House Magazine, USA Weekend, PC Magazine, PC World, Jaguar, Saks Fifth Avenue, and many others.


Ten female celebrities who proved to be hard-nosed entrepreneurs

Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) has made such a success as an entrepreneur – with her ready to wear and boutique clothing lines, which earned £30m last year – that many people forget that she started out as a celebrity. And not just by looking pretty on the arm of her uber-handsome and internationally famous soccer star husband David Beckham.
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The Volvo XC90 Would Not Let Me Die

I had to try three times to swerve like a drunkard into the oncoming traffic lane. I was on a freeway in Spain, driving a new Volvo, and it would just not let me. The first two times, as soon as I started to drift from my lane, the Volvo’s steering wheel rumbled a warning against my folly. The third time, though, I managed to ignore the car’s insistent warnings and head directly across the median line.
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Your Next Car Will Have a Computer for a Dashboard

This year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit wasn’t just about the usual: speed, fuel efficiency, and comfort. Tech was everywhere. The annual car show was, in fact, geek heaven. Technology was everywhere, even though a lot of it was hard to see. Collision avoidance, smart cruise control, lane guidance, sensor-driven driving corrections, and radar alert systems are technologies you rarely notice.
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Do video games make you smarter?

It’s a pretty fair bet that, today, many of you are playing with (wearing, riding, or at least enjoying) some toy you got yesterday. I’m not just making this up as an excuse to play games all day. There is science to support the idea that not only do video games teach worthwhile skills but that they do it as well as other ways of learning things. Link to Story

College tours for…tweens?!

At 15 years old our son, Cole, suddenly lost interest in his future. It was the summer after his freshman year of high school, and our boy, who had been dreaming about going off to college since he was in the fifth grade, started asking if college mattered. He’s a smart kid, but he wasn’t enjoying high school.

BMW's Car That Won't Crash

A day testing the latest in collision prevention on the BMW i3. I like the idea of a car that drives itself. I know the rest of the world is not 100 percent with me on that. But I’ve watched a lot of science fiction movies. In those, if you engage autopilot, you get to do fun things in your bunk instead of keeping your hands at ten and two.
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Wi-Fi in Cars: The View from CES

Find out which cars hook you up, and which go a step further and hook up everyone riding with you. The Consumer Electronics Show this year was all about the future: Cars that drive themselves, 3D printers, drones, and slick wearables. But that thing that seems ever so possible and that you want every day (Right now!
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Fuel-Cell Toyota Mirai: The Future?

Amid the sea of people and exciting tech announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, there was an announcement from Toyota that is probably a pretty important moment in automotive history: the Mirai. It's Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell car, a mid-size sedan that will be available for purchase or lease in October.
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5 Must-Have Gadgets for the Driver

You didn't know you needed them. As seen at the the Consumer Electronics Show. Did you just leave the garage door open–with the bikes, kayaks, and dive gear in it–when you left on your commute to work? But there is no need to drive home to check. With MyQ, just look at your phone, tap to close the garage door, and carry on.
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4 New Electric Vehicles

Good news for planet Earth! Here are four alt-energy vehicles that saw the light of day at Detroit. Good news for the planet! There were some huge electric announcements at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week. In fact, there was something for everyone: economy, everyman, and luxury.
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Coolest Tech

The five best things we spotted on cars at the Detroit auto show. I walked the floor at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week, in search of the coolest car technology I could find. I let the car guys talk torque and RPM. This girl nerd was looking for the smartest innovations, the stuff that’s most wanted by a smartphone-sporting average human with a lot on her mind.
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Tips for Tricking Your Boss into Being a Better Manager

A great boss can make the workplace your favorite place to be. A bad one can transform the daily grind into one of the circles of Hell. Or make you dream about which of those circles you’d like to see your boss suffer in … for eternity. Unfortunately, a good boss is about as rare as a return ticket at the River Tantalus.
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