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Columnist, freelance writer

North Carolina

Christina Tynan-Wood

I have been covering technology since before Bill met Melinda and you met Google. I currently write the Family Tech column in Family Circle magazine and Family Tech with Christina at But I also write about education, parenting, and many other topics for many other publications. Clients include Better Homes and Gardens, Popular Science, This Old House Magazine, USA Weekend, PC Magazine, PC World, Jaguar, Saks Fifth Avenue, and many others.


Is Your Teen’s Online Reputation Keeping Him from Finding a Job?

My son and all his friends are looking for summer jobs. And since all the job applications – for Target, Starbucks, and fast food places – are online, I’m sure a lot of pre-screening of applicants happens on Google. From a teenager’s point of view (as far as I can tell) the online job application is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
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One Family Upgrades Their Technology Lifestyle

A family's technology overhaul makes music, movies, and gaming easier and more fun.
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Your Future Home

Though a Jetsons-esque house in which Rosie the Robot cheerfully pampers happy humans isn't real life, experts say the next decade holds tremendous promise in terms of tech-driven innovations to make family homes smarter, cheaper to run and more fun to live in. Join us for a tour.
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I Stalked My Teenager. You Can, Too -

Want to know where your teen driver is? Read our guide to "family locator" technology at
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Your Future Car

Automotive experts say the next decade will bring a slew of family-friendly innovations with the potential to really rev up your day-to-day driving. Cars are getting smarter, safer and more amazing-poised to become rolling personal assistants, or even chauffeurs. Join us in the front seat and enjoy the ride.
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Your Future Body

Given that the Fountain of Youth seems nowhere to be found, tech-driven innovations are the next best bet for looking and feeling younger. Experts predict that the next decade will bring more options than ever for smoothing wrinkles, soothing aches and otherwise delaying the effects of aging. A body of evidence awaits.
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How to catch a falling son

By Christina Tynan-Wood When he was young, my son Cole was an entertaining writer, voracious reader, and so curious he exhausted us with questions. In second grade, he was tested as gifted. Now, at 15, he's as likely to be the teacher in our relationship as the student.
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High-Tech Gadgets for Dads and Grads

They want the hippest, hottest tech stuff on the market. You don't want to buy something that will seem outdated (or worse, just lame) in a month. Solution? Choose from these awesome options that earned two thumbs up in our hands-on tests.
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Live & Learn (Online!): How to Take Virtual Classes

Getting my kids back in the swing of classroom life involved the usual whirlwind of buying supplies, troubleshooting wardrobes and updating computers or software. But this time I felt a pang of envy. My 14-year-old son opted for an ambitious schedule including Latin and honors history and science.
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How to Buy a Tablet

By 7 a.m. on an average day, even before I say "Good morning" to my family, I grab my tablet to check e-mail, go over my Google calendar and scan the news headlines. Truth be told, I've gotten very attached to my tablet in a short amount of time.
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Reality TV Jobs and the People Who Do Them

Depending on who's counting, there are as many of 500 reality TV shows out there, from the So You Think You're America's Next Top Broadway Star competitions to the Who Wants to Marry the Girls Next Door dating shows. Search Thousands Of Colleges And Scholarships. Join Our Growing Community Of College Bound Students.
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The Best Activity Trackers for Staying Fit

Our roundup of the best wearable activity trackers that help you count how much exercise you are getting daily.
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Christina Tynan-Wood